H1b options after 6 years xumyr206572202

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Options to do fulltime MBA after 6 years of H1B , would like to., Greencard priority date not current So do not expect Green card I have been on H1B for 5 years

H1b options after 6 years.

Once the 6 years of H1B visa ntinue reading After 6 Years of H1B, what are my Options ATC Articles , Resources: H1B Green Card Blog.

H1B Visa Extension is valid upto 6 yrs by USCIS Know more about H1B extension after 6 years, regular processing time, premium , etc, extension fee

Sep 02, 2011 Hello, If my h1b gets over after 6 yearsthe general rule is to leave the country for 1 year and file a fresh h1b visa My question isIs it mandatory to leave the.

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